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If you love greyhounds and would like to help, becoming a Volunteer with Bay Area Greyhound Adoptions would help us to take in more greyhounds from the racing kennels and find forever homes for them.  Our organization is totally volunteer based.  We have no paid staff, and all of the considerable work we do is because of the efforts of our volunteers. 


Our one restriction, which is due to insurance protocols, is that our volunteers must be a minimum of 16 years old unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

BAGA is a 501(c)(3) recognized charity.  Students may use hours spent helping us as a part of their Bright Futures volunteer commitment.


If you volunteer with BAGA, your time and efforts will be greatly appreciated.  You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped the greyhounds on their journey from racer to adored pet.  We are a fairly large group with activities, volunteers, and foster homes in multiple locations.  We also move many greyhounds from racing kennels, to foster homes, and on to pet homes each year.  Additionally, we have a prison program where greyhounds are trained by the inmates at Hardee Correctional Institution.


It is only through our volunteers that we are able to continue the work that we do.  You may volunteer as much or as little time as you like.  There is no set minimum number of hours.  All volunteers are very valued and appreciated.  Volunteers are needed in a variety of areas and everything that you do will help a greyhound in some way.  None of what we do is about us individually.  It is all about the dogs we can help. As the saying goes, “It takes a Village”, and where BAGA is concerned, that is certainly true.  With all of us working together, we can accomplish great things.   Some of our most needed volunteer activities are listed below:


Foster a Greyhound

This is our #1 need.  It is only through our foster homes that we are able to take in the greyhounds from their racing kennels and prepare them for adoption.  For information on fostering, please see “Fostering a Greyhound” on this website.  The application to foster may also be submitted to us on line.


Attend Meet and Greets

Meet and Greets are the events held throughout the area where we show adoptable greyhounds and educate the public on the desirability of greyhounds as pets.  The more volunteers we have that are willing to attend these events, the more exposure the greyhounds will have.  Our research shows that greyhounds that are shown at meet and greets are the first dogs chosen for adoption.  Usually, but not always, our Meet and Greets are held on weekends.  They can be at local pet supply stores, outdoor markets, flea markets, festivals, or other locations.  We will work with new volunteers on how to answer questions and show the adoptable greyhounds, so you will not have to worry about what to say.  We also need volunteers to serve as “Event Coordinators” to set up and show greyhounds at various regular and special events. 

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Help with Fundraising

The adoption fee for each greyhound that we place in a home only covers a portion of our expenses for that dog.  Therefore, we have to raise the funds we need to help the greyhounds with various fund raising activities.  This can involve setting up special events such as Yappy Hours, selling merchandise on our behalf, conducting yard sales, and helping with various fund raising programs.  Any ideas you might have regarding fund raising would also be much appreciated.


Transporting Greyhounds

 We often transport our greyhounds from the greyhound track to foster homes or to the vet, to Meet and Greets, and to the greyhounds’ new homes.  We need volunteers to help with these local transports.  


Assisting with Special Events

BAGA has many special events throughout the year.  This includes our two picnics (one in the Spring and one in the Fall), a Volunteer Appreciation Day, usually in the Spring, an Ice Cream Social in late Spring or early Summer, and our Salute to Seniors event in November.  As you might imagine, putting on all of these events takes a lot of coordination and work.  Our special events are not only important to us, but are one of the ways that we raise funds.  You will be working with our Special Events Coordinator and other experienced volunteers.


Soliciting Donations and Silent Auction Items

We are always in need of donations to help raise funds.  This usually is in the form of merchandise or gift cards from various businesses (restaurants, stores, etc.), as well as merchandise from various vendors of pet items.  If you have a special talent like sewing or jewelry making, donating a hand-made item for a silent auction or raffle would be a great help. These items are auctioned or raffled at our picnics and at various functions. The value of the items donated to us is tax deductible.  We provide a receipt for tax purposes to the donor of each donated item.  This is one of the best ways to help and does not take a lot of time.


Community Outreach and Public Relations

We are often asked to bring greyhounds and speak about our work at schools, clubs, and other events.  Spreading the word about greyhounds as pets is one of our main missions. You would be helping with this work. Again, you would be attending these events at first with an experienced volunteer.  There are also times we need to contact the media about a special event or happening to generate publicity for the greyhounds.  This involves writing a “press release” or otherwise contacting the media.


Gift Wrapping

One of our biggest fund raisers each year is gift wrapping at Christmastime.  If you love pretty packages and are good at wrapping, this would be a great volunteer opportunity for you.  Even if you don’t know how to wrap packages, we still need you!  We have experienced volunteers who will work with you and teach you how to wrap packages quickly and easily.


Sewing and Crafts

We make greyhound coats and collars for sale as a fund raiser.  If you love to sew and have a sewing machine, this would be ideal for you. We would supply the fabric and you supply your talent.  We are also in need of volunteers who have craft ideas and can make items for sale at our picnics and other fund raising events.


Attending Board/Volunteer Meetings

BAGA is governed by a Board of Directors, consisting of our more experienced volunteers.  We meet once every three months on a Sunday afternoon to discuss our finances, plans, upcoming events, greyhounds in our care, and make decisions as needed.   All volunteers are welcomed and encouraged to attend and participate in our board meetings.


Any Other Special Talent or Idea You May Have

We are happy to have your ideas and welcome any special talents you may have.  Let us know what you would like to do to help the greyhounds. 



Many thanks to all of our dedicated volunteers!


Please complete and submit the volunteer application on this website. (Click Here)

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