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In our adoption program, the greyhounds that are the nicest, yet the most difficult to find homes for are the seniors.  We consider a greyhound to be a senior after they reach the age of 7 years.  Senior greyhounds come to us mainly from adoptive homes that have adopted these dogs when they were young, but have to give them up after a few years in their homes.  These returned pets are already home acclimated, are normally in good to excellent condition, and will settle right into their new home environment.  We also take in greyhounds (many of whom are seniors) that have been dropped off at local animal shelters and are in danger of euthanasia. 

Shown above is Hunter, (the one sleeping) who was in need of a new home when he was 7 ½ years old.  His previous owner passed away, and Hunter was blessed to find a new loving home in Pennsylvania.  With him is his housemate, Rogue.

Shown below is Guiness, who also needed a new home when he was 7 ½ years old. He is now living happily with his greyhound buddies in Seminole, FL. He is a much loved and cherished family companion.

In the center is Jazmine (Jazzy), who we rescued from a local animal shelter.  We  found out that she had been adopted in Colorado as a young dog, and her owners had later moved to this area.  Along with the family’s other greyhound, Dusty, Jazzy was dropped off at a “kill” shelter when her family decided they no longer wanted their dogs.  We were very fortunate to be able to rescue them both. Dusty is shown in the photo on the right. Ironically, both Jazzy and Dusty are now living in loving homes in the Ruskin area.



Our commitment to each greyhound we place is that we are there for them for life.  We always take our greyhounds back into our care and find new homes for them should their owners need to give them up for any reason.  The families that have to give their greyhounds up are normally very reluctant and upset to do so, but have the peace of mind of knowing that we will take care of their greyhounds and find them new families to love them in their retirement years.

In addition to families that can no longer keep their adopted greyhounds, the other way that senior greyhounds come to us is from the breeding farms. Sometimes we get a male greyhound that was used for breeding. However, mostly we get the females that were used for producing puppies. Usually the female greyhounds that were the best racers go back to the farms for breeding purposes.  They will produce from one to several litters of pups.  These greyhounds, known as “brood” matrons or simply “broods” will retire from life on the breeding farm when they are older. Almost always, they are 6-7 years old or older when they become available for adoption. Fortunately, most responsible breeders will retire their brood matrons before they become too old to be adoptable, and while they are still in good health.

The brood matrons become available for adoption when their pups begin racing and do not show promise of becoming winners, or if the brood has any medical conditions that prevent her from producing litters of healthy pups.  These brood matrons have never experienced life in a home, but once they get to our foster homes, we find that they settle in extremely well. After a few days, you would never guess that they have not lived in a home always.  They are truly one of the easiest pets you will ever have, and one of the most deserving of a loving home.




In order to promote adoption of senior greyhounds, BAGA will reduce the normal adoption fee by $100.00 for each senior dog that we place. We do this in an effort to find loving homes as quickly as possible for our seniors, even though our costs are normally greater for these greyhounds.  This is because we have our vets do additional blood work on any greyhound we take in that is over the age of 6 years.  Especially in the case of the brood matrons, the seniors may not have had regular veterinary or dental care. They may need more extensive teeth cleaning or in some cases, extractions.  In any case, we make sure that the seniors have the best of veterinary care and are healthy before we place them for adoption.  With most of the senior greyhounds, we recommend that you provide them with Glucosamine or a similar supplement for help with any arthritic conditions that may be affecting them.  These supplements are not expensive and can be purchased at local retailers, on-line, or through your veterinarian.

Shown below are some senior greyhound brood matrons that have gone on to become beloved pets. Glory (on the left) was a brood matron who is shown here with her stuffie toys.  She is certainly enjoying life in her adoptive home.  In the center is Bride, who was on a greyhound breeding farm in Kansas.  When she retired from raising puppies, Dr. Shelley Lake, a veterinarian and greyhound advocate in that area, sent her to us.  Bride is now in a loving home and enjoying her new life. On the right is Clara, who was a brood matron at a local greyhound farm.  She came to us at the age of 7 years needing extensive dental work.  We had this done and Clara has gone on to become a cherished family pet.





Each year in November, BAGA has a senior picnic which we call “Salute to Seniors”.  This is our special day to honor our senior greyhounds.  It is one of our favorite events of the year, and one of the most rewarding.  The oldest senior greyhounds in attendance receive special gifts donated by our volunteers and vendors.  All of the senior greyhounds are individually honored and we announce a “salute” to each one.  All of the proceeds of this event go into a fund which we use exclusively toward helping more senior greyhounds. 

Shown below is a photo of some of several beloved senior greyhounds and their owners at a recent Salute to Seniors event.  The oldest greyhound in attendance on this day was Dilly, shown on the right.  Second oldest was Jade, second from left.


 We hope you will consider adopting one of our wonderful senior greyhounds.  They need you so much and will return your love many times over.  Please contact us at 813/272-2332 (Tampa area) or 239/985-9035 (Fort Myers/Naples area) for information on our current adoptable senior greyhounds.

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