Adopt a Black Greyhound


Did you know that on average, black dogs, especially large black dogs, spend much more time waiting to be chosen for adoption than do light colored dogs.   The same is true for black cats in shelters and rescues.  This is a trend all over the country for all large black dogs, and it holds true for greyhounds. 


In the adoption world, this is known as Black Dog Syndrome (BDS).  In the greyhound breed, black is the second most prevalent color (after brindle), so we take a lot of black greyhounds into our adoption program.  We have heard many reasons why people do not want to adopt a black greyhound.  The one we remember particularly is the person who said they wanted a greyhound, any color but black, since black dogs are scary! We have also heard such statements that a black dog is not wanted because their black hair would show on the potential adopter’s light colored carpet—definitely not true!  It is truly sad that this type of sentiment is out there, but it is a fact that we at BAGA have to face, as do all other adoption groups and animal shelters.


Other reasons we have heard for not adopting a black dog is that they look older than other dogs of the same age.  It is true that black dogs’ faces tend to show gray or white more quickly than lighter colored dogs.  This is because you are seeing the white or gray against a darker background.  A fawn or white dog develops just as much grey on their face as do darker dogs, but it is not as noticeable.  Also, just because a dog has a white or “ghost” face, it doesn’t mean that they are old.  We often see 3 or 4 year old greyhounds, especially black and brindle dogs, with the beginnings of ghost faces.   Shown below are some greyhounds that have white (ghost) faces, even though they are relatively young.


When they first come to us for adoption, many greyhounds have somewhat dry skin and flaky coats, which lead some people to think they have skin issues.  All colors of greyhounds can have dry skin, but it tends to show up more on dark colored hair.  Once we get the greyhounds into foster care and begin to give them some oil in their diet, and feed them a good quality kibble, their hair coats become shiny and healthy.  Some of the most beautiful dogs we have ever had in our group are the black dogs that have developed beautiful, shiny hair coats.


The truth, or course, is that black greyhounds are just as healthy and just as loving as any other greyhounds.  It is truly sad that they must wait longer for their forever homes simply because of their color.


If you are looking for a greyhound to adopt, please consider our black greyhounds.  They are wonderful dogs that deserve a home, and have probably been waiting longer than the other foster dogs to find a home.  We guarantee that you will love your black greyhound and be glad you gave him or her  a chance for a great home. Shown below are some beautiful black greyhounds who have been adopted through BAGA.





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